Process Approach to the Adoption of a Productive

Asset Management System

Dr. P.I. Okley, Head of the operations Unit, PJSC Inter RAO, Moscow, Russia

key words

TPP, asset management, asset management system, business process modelling


In the current market situation, development and introduction of a productive asset management system (PAMS) is a key task for Russian power engineering companies. We describes the approach to implementing institutional asset management system in thermal power plant management practices through the development of detailed business process models. We proposed a method for testing the control systems, the tools and the process model. During this testing it is proved that the process model is applicable to existing electricity­generating facility, as modelled business processes describe the full set of functions necessary for the operation and automation systems, complete set of parties required to implement these features, and corresponding results, data flows and points of interaction processes. When the simulated processes take into account the specificity of the real functioning of the enterprise and are ready for implementation on existing thermal power plants.

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