Digital Governmental Resources in Science and Education

Dr. I.V. Vorob’ev, Leaning Research Worker, The Institute for the Study of Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences

(ISS RAS), Moscow, Russia,

key words

the Council on Science and Education, information and analysis support, news reports, text and video content, innovative activities


I have made a research of governmental electrical resource usage in Science and Education sphere; its experience in activities of the President’s Council on Science and Education as a new method of governmental policy in Sphere of Innovations. For that matter, I studied the official site of the Council, its structure, target audience, its preferences and formed the essential principles of Council’s site which are authenticity of given information and quick updates. The main sources of information should be scientists, government agencies of Science and Education, established Mass Media Organizations. I think that this will become a quality assurance of the taken from website materials and effectiveness of state policy in Science and Education field as the most important resource of development management of intellectual capital for domestic manufactories.

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