National Accreditation System: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Prof. Dr. G.V. Pankina, Head of Department, Аcademy of Standardization, Metrology and Certification, Moscow, Russia,

Dr. V.E. Kovlyakova, Associate Professor, Department, Аcademy of Standardization, Metrology and Certification,

Moscow, Russia

key words

national system of accreditation, conformity assessment, ensuring the uniformity of measurements, powers, functions, requirements, criteria for accreditation, reform


The issues of reforming the national accreditation system and the main stages of the national accreditation body and the development of the system at the present stage we have analyzed. Also we have identified the key positions of the legislative framework in the field of accreditation and technical regulations. Many tasks, defined in the Concept of RF accreditation system are solved. In particular, creation of uniform national system of accreditation and the effective legislation in this sphere. However, we believe speaking on the final stage of the national accreditation system reform is premature. It is at the initial stage of development, considering the international vector of its movement, we consider.

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