Innovations in Energy Generations and Heat

Exchange Processes

Dr. V.A. Gruschnikov, Leaning Research Worker, VINITI of RAN, Moscow, Russia,

key words

energy, fuel, parts, thermodynamic cycles, energy generation, energy efficiency


Energy saving, more accurate energy efficiency is one of the most important factors for life on Earth, not only because of the need for energy for the needs of life, but also in terms of environmental measures easing the load on the environment. Energy turnover in human economic exchange step can be divided into production or generation, storage and accumulation / or and use, which are based on the same thermodynamic processes. Modern innovative technologies can significantly improve the energy efficiency and / or energy efficiency used in economic circulation systems and devices, the perfection of which is estimated and efficiency of energy conversion factors. And the future belongs to the generation of alternative technologies, energy storage and is­to use — especially from renewable sources. Some implementation, consider the example of power generation and improving the thermodynamic processes used in domestic and industrial units of power.

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