International Quality Award: Recognition of Success

Prof. Dr. Yu.A. Gusakov, First Vice-President, Russian Organization for Quality, Moscow, Russia,

key words

quality philosophy, awards models, improving business, the company’s management strategy, criteria, self- evaluation, an effective instrument

I describe the history of quality models, awards (competitions) and three the most authoritative and popular models in the field of quality. Treat them: the model of business excellence EFQM (European Fund of Quality Management), Baldridge Award model and Deming Award model. The quality competitions and awards play an important role in popularization of constant improvement’ models and concepts, I have shown. I suppose, an important factor in this regard is the state attitude to such competitions. It was more a question of moral support — participation in awarding, publications of them in the official sources, etc. I believe that the state should express their attitude to the problem of quality in general. I am sure that it stimulates companies and organizations to work more actively in this direction, and the quality experts — to the creative, scientific and practical activities.