Metrological Support of ECG Systems: Problems and Prospects

A.V. Ivashchenko, Graduate Student, Department Physics and Technology Institute of MIREA, Moscow, Russia,

T.O. Sovetova, Doctor of Functional Diagnostics, Clinical Sanatorium Barvikha, Administrative Department of the RF President, Moscow, Russia

key words

medical equipment, metrological support, measuring devices, mandatory metrological requirements, state regulation, ensuring the uniformity

of measurements in healthcare


We analyzed the technical devices of the electrocardiography systems metrological support. We found out that the current List of measurements related to the state regulation of ensuring the uniformity of measurements performed in health care contains only 20 measurements, to which mandatory metrological requirements have been established. Today in the field of health, much more measurements are being made, which are the basis for diagnosis and treatment patients.

So, in the current List there are no measurements conducted using EСG systems. Lack of metrological maintenance of this medical equipment can harm the health of Russian citizens, we believe. In connection with this, the List requires improvement: the inclusion of measurements conducted using ECG systems, their revision with a frequency of 5–10 years.

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