Kompetentnost’ / Competency (Russia) 6 /2019

ISSN 1993-8780


Dangerous Safety Data Sheets

А.М. Orlova1, Association Non-profit Partnership Coordination and Information Center of the CIS Member States on the

Convergence of Regulatory Practices, a.orlova@ciscenter.org

N.A. Druzhinina1, Association NP KITS SNG, n.druzhinina@ciscenter.org

1 Leading Specialist, Moscow, Russia

2 Head of direction, Moscow, Russia

Citation: Orlova А.М., Druzhinina N.A. Dangerous Safety Data Sheets, Kompetentnost’ / Competency (Russia), 2019, no. 6, pp. 36–39

key words

safety data sheet, hazard classification, warning labeling, supply chain, GHS


We considered the quality of the accompanying documentation for chemical products, primarily safety data sheets. As is known, a safety data sheet of chemical products is a document that is transmitted through the supply chain. It is a main source of information on the hazardous properties of chemical products and measures for their safe handling throughout the entire life cycle. Completeness and accuracy of the information presented in it play a key role in ensuring safety at workplaces, protecting the environment, as well as correct actions in case of accidents involving chemical products. Unfortunately, along with hazardous products, safety data sheets are circulated on the market, the incorrect or inaccurate contents of which represent a serious threat to consumers.

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