Competitiveness and Profits of Enterprises as a Function of the Quality of Work

Dr., Associate Professor E.V. Demid'ko, Teacher, Quality Management, Khabarovsk Branch Academy for

Standardization, Metrology and Certification (Educational), Khabarovsk, Russia,

key words

competitiveness, profit, production system, process

In  the  study  I  research  the  dependence  of  competitiveness  and  profits  derived by an enterprise from the integrated quality of work of its employees, I show a regularit y in formation of an enterprise profit.
To  identify  the  patterns  of  the  quality  of  work  influence  on  the profits of  the  enterprise,  it  is  necessary  to  identify  those  elements  in  which technological and technical characteristics of the system affect its economic performanc e. To do this, at  first  we  must  develop  a  model  that  reflects  an  appropriate relationship  to describe the impact of the quality of work on the profits of the enterprise.
The  purpose  of  functioning  of  the  production  system  is  to  convert  the incoming products in final products corresponding to the needs of consumers and meet o bligatory requirements which are established in government and industry regulations.
Thus  the  quality  of  work  of  employees  is  defined  as  the  characteristics of the  purchased  raw  products  and  materials,  the  actual  characteristics  of  the process and  the  functional  dependencies  of  designed  products.  In  case  of noncompliance of  these  elements  to  each  other  or  customer  requirements,  the company  loses profit because of lack of competitive products, alterations, modifications, claims and fine