Kompetentnost' 3/114/2014

ISSN 1993-8780

Grinding Balls Production Improving. Quality and Innovation

Prof. Dr. A.E. Artes, Professor, FSBEI, HPE, Moscow State University of Technology, STANKIN, Moscow, Russia, k_spd@stankin.ru
Dr. V.V. Tretyuhin, Leading Researcher, Moscow State University of Technology, STANKIN, Moscow, Russia, tretuhin@smtp.ru

key words

grinding balls, stamping technology, impact resistance and wear resistance of iron and steel balls


The paper reviews the state of production of grinding balls that are used in mining and other Russia industries. Grinding by means of grinding bodies in tube mills is the most efficient method of ore, coal and cement production. This is the main method and will not have any alternative in the next 25 years all around the world. Thus, reducing the cost of grinding bodies’ production and energy saving in grinding process is supposed to be the main direction of improvement in this industry. New technology of uneven comprehensive deformation, made by forging crystallizing cast iron is shown. In comparison with chill casting this technology allows to receive grinding balls without defects and with increased resistance. It can be used in metallurgical production. Another new technology of grinding media manufacturing is also described in the article. In accordance with this technology the grinding body is made hollow. It is assumed that hollow grinding body will only deteriorate, but will not to break. This is very important in cement production, because the content of metal chips worsens its quality. It is noted that ole and dressing enterprises are interested in implementing new designs of grinding bodies and Russia manufacturers have all the necessary resources for the equipment production under the new technologies.

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