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Journal Kompetentnost': 3 / 134 / 2016


  • 1
    Demanded Popular Profession: Specialist in Risk Management
    Authors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. V.A. Novikov, Vice-Rector, Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution on Further Vocational Training, Academy for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (Educational), Moscow, Russia, nva@asms.ru 
    Dr. E.B.Bobryshev, Associate Professor, ASMS, Moscow, Russia 
    Dr. A.I. Grishin, Associate Professor, Department, ASMS, Moscow, Russia, sdo@asms.ru 
    Dr. E.Yu. Barmenkov, Associate Professor, MAI (National Research University), Moscow, Russia
  • 2
    Competence and the Education Personnel Quality. Ways of their Improvement
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. V.V. Glushchenko, Professor, Institute of Transport Equipment and Control Systems, Moscow State
    University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), Moscow, Russia, glu-valery@yandex.ru
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. I.I. Glushchenko, Professor, Accounting, Analysis and Audit Department, Russian State Social
    University (RGSU), Moscow, Russia, prepodavatel-gii@mail.ru
  • 3
    Factor Subjectivity in Road Accidents
    Authors: Dr. V.A. Grushnikov, VINITI оf RАN, Moscow, Russia, v.grushnikov@mail.ru
  • 4
    Strategic Approach to the International Regulation of Chemicals: Informing
    Authors: N.А. Druzhinina, Leading specialist, LLC Aventin, Moscow, Russia 
    Е.N. Starikova, Leading specialist, Department, Regulatory Practices Department, Federal State Unitary Enterprise, All- Russian Research Institution for Standardization of Materials and Technology (VNII SMT), Moscow, Russia 
    E.V. Zbitneva, Head of Department, VNII SMT, Moscow, Russia 
    Dr. D.О. Skobelev, Director, VNII SMT, Moscow, Russia, csmv@vniismt.ru
  • 5
    Project: an Analysis of Economic and Organizational Nature
    Authors: D.N. Chulkov, Graduate, Plekhanov Russian Economic University, Moscow, Russia, fordovod@mail.ru
  • 6
    New Quality System: Pharmacopoeia plus Self‑Regulation
    Authors: Prof. Dr. V.V. Pomazanov, Professor, State Humanitarian University of Technology, Moscow, Russia, allya2005@yandex.ru 
    Dr. V.A. Kiseleva, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, State Humanitarian University of Technology, Moscow Region, Orekhovo‑Zuevo, Russia 
    N.I. Lidyaeva, Deputy Head, Research Laboratory of Automation Management, MAI (National Research University), Moscow, Russia 
    Dr. E.I. Shol’, Deputy Head of Department, Economic Theory, MAI, Deputy Head of Working Group, Self-Regulation in Industry, Council of Self-Regulation, RF CCI, Moscow, Russia
  • 7
    Franchising: Еconomic and Оrganizational Nature
    Authors: A.V. Patrusheva, Graduate, St.-Petersburg Institute for Education in Humanities and Social Sciences, St.-Petersburg, Russia, anna1980.p@yandex.ru
  • 8
    The Role of Scientific and Technological Progress in the Theory of Economic Growth
    Authors: L.V. Sergienko, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, General Management Department, Moscow, Russia, sergilub@yandex.ru

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