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Journal Kompetentnost': 3 / 124 / 2015


  • 1
    The Content of Educational Technology for Professional Competence Formation
    Dr. Associate Prof. V.S. Avanesov, Leading Researcher, Department, I.M. Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas, Moscow, Russia
    Prof. Dr. V.I. Balaba, Professor of Department, I.M. Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas, Moscow, Russia, balaba.v@gubkin.ru
    Prof. Dr. V.Ya. Kershenbaum, Head, Department, I.M. Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas, Moscow, Russia
  • 2
    Principled Approach to the Definition of Marine Ice‑resistant Platform Risks
    P.I. Vishnevskiy, Deputy General Director, Development, Gazpromviet, Moscow, Russia, p.vishnevskiy@gazpromviet.com
    Dr. Associate Prof. T.A. Novosel'tseva, Professor, The Metrology, Standardization and Certification Department, State Technical University, Ukhta, Russia, tan-mq@mail.ru
    Dr. V.S. Korepanova, Lead Engineer, Lukoil-Engineering, Ukhta, Russia, veronika.korepanova@lukoil.com
  • 3
    The Rational Model of the Quality Management System: Higher Education Institutions
    V.I. Shevchenko, Rector, Belarussian State Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining for Standardization, Metrology
    and Quality Management, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, shevchenko@yandex.ru
    Dr. Associate Prof. E.V. Vorontsov, Professor, Department of Organization and Management, Belarussian State Economic University, settlement Ratomka, Minsk region, Belarus, vev1941@tut.by
  • 4
    On the Сoncept of Industrial Corporations’ Social Responsibility Management Model
    I.F. Pinaeva, Graduate, Management, Marketing and Logistics Department, Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russia, dolinskaya-if@mail.ru
  • 5
    Perspective Standardization iss a Way to Reduce the Information Asymmetry in the Market
    A.V. Melikhov, Deputy General, FBI, Rostest-Moskva, Moscow, Russia,
    Dr. Yu.P. Zubkov, Deputy Head of Department, Quality Management, FSAEI FVT, Academy for Standardization, Metrology and Certification, Moscow, Russia, mk@asms.ru
  • 6
    Kompetentsiology as a Component of the Modern Science, Social and Economic Practice
    Prof. Dr. V.V. Glushchenko, Associate Professor, Management and Human Resource Management Department, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, Moscow, Russia, glu-valery@yandex.ru
    Prof. Dr. I.I. Glushchenko, Associate Professor, Accounting and Statistics Department, Russian State Social University, Moscow, Russia, prepodavatel-gii@mail.ru
  • 7
    Innovative Technologies by Аluminum Аlloys Usage
    Prof. Dr. A.E. Artes, Professor, FSBEI, HPE, Moscow State University of Technology, STANKIN, Moscow, Russia, k_spd@stankin.ru
    Dr. V.V. Tret’yukhin, Chief, Department, the Head of Procuring Manufacture MK INVEST, Moscow, Russia, vt@mkinvest.ru
  • 8
    Favoritism: Research of Essence by Means of Historical Approach
    O.A. Panshin, Deputy Chief of Department, Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology, Moscow, Russia, ukadr@gost.ru